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How to setup a linode server in under 5 minutes

Linode is one of the most sought after cloud hosting provider companies in today’s time. Over the last couple of years, Linode has been ranked among the top due to its reliability, security and fair pricing. The cheapest server at Linode offers 1GB RAM server at just $5 every month.

In this post, I am going to share a small guide on how you can setup a server on linode in less than 5 minutes. However, before the server setup, I expect you to have set up the linode account include the payment method. Once done, you can get started with the guide shared below

  • Once you are done setting up your account, along with verification and setting up the payment method, you can log-in to your account and below is the first screen you see.available linode server size
  • You will need to choose the size of your server. Do that according to your needs. A normal website with minimal traffic will easily fit on the smallest server.
  • Once you are done selecting the server size, it will prompt you to select the data center location. Choose the nearest data center location to your target audience. This will make sure that your audience gets the highest possible speed for every page-load.
    linode locations list
  • Click on add this Linode and you will have the server setup.
  • However, the servers on Linode are set up initially without any script and data. You will need to deploy an operating system in order to be able to use the server. In this tutorial, we will install Ubuntu on the server with a swap space of 512MB.
  • Click on the Linode you have set up from the list. If you have set up the first linode, there will only be one instance running.
  • Once clicked, click on Deploy an Image.
  • From the drop-down menu, select any LTS (Long-term support) version of Ubuntu.
    installing ubuntu on linode
  • In deployment disk size field, enter the maximum size available to be deployed.
  • Select 512 MB as swap space in order to prevent server from accidental downtimes.
  • Enter a password for the root user and click on deploy.
  • It will take less than a minute or two to complete installing the script on your server. Once done, click on Boot to start your server.

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That’s it. This gives you a running server on Linode with Ubuntu installed. If you have any suggestions or queries, feel free to put them in the comment section and I will try my best to answer them within 24 hours. If there’s something you want me to write a tutorial on, feel free to share that as well.

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